For Prodigals and those who love them.

November 2, 2022 Losib NEWS Posts

“HOPE Ministry”
HOPE Ministry began “90 Days of Prayer” with just a handful. It only took a few people from the Pentecostals of Alexandria (POA) with prodigals, to pray and believe in unity.

In 2015, WNOP embraced HOPE Ministry.
In 2016, Partners in Prayer partnered with HOPE Ministry.

And we grew and grew. This is what we know. We are in 31 countries and 38 states. What we don’t know is what we don’t know … how far-reaching HOPE Ministry has been and still is. We are grateful.

Eight years of HOPE …

Here are a few snapshots that we are sharing of the goodness of God. Our experiences during our son’s prodigal years and his restoration have for sure known of His faithfulness.

Time would not permit us to tell the nights and many years of pain, sorrow, and loneliness experienced as we waited for change. And yet we would have missed knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt, there IS a God and HE IS REAL, if that change would have come sooner, rather than later. We would have missed out on many crucial details of our growth in faith. It hasn’t been easy by far, but today we are thankful to share our story. Though it was a bit difficult when we first stepped out with our story, we have seen many glorious miracles.

Whether others believe or do not believe, whether they try to disprove or dismiss, it doesn’t matter when you KNOW. When no one could help, treatment centers failed, counseling failed, faith in what we KNEW to be truth, sustained. You cannot argue with an experience. Change came and so has restoration. He IS God and He IS love.

Thank you to all who have decided to unite with us on this journey. Your prodigal is ours. That is how this ministry works. We are here to pray, fast, believe, cry, laugh, encourage, rejoice, and all things in between. We are HERE!

We invite you to unite with HOPE Ministry once again to pray 90 days for our prodigals and those who love them on October 1 – December 29, 2022, as we pray and loosely follow the daily topics of the book, Prayers For Prodigals,by Dr. James Banks. Follow us on Instagram or FB @HOPE2Hope15 for more information.

We also invite you to connect with us if you will be attending the 2022 UPCI General Conference. We will be speaking at a seminar Friday morning, October 7 at 10:30 am. Meeting you would be wonderful! HOPE Ministry information will be at the WNOP booth during the conference.

Don and Dy Anne Long
HOPE Ministry Founders
(FROM: World Network of Prayer –

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